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#greasegang Mike Forgette: Man of Many Talents

Check out this first glimpse of Mike Forgette’s band Over the Bridge. Their debut EP “Something in the Water” will be released on July 16th.

“You’ve been following the boys of Over The Bridge for over a year now. You’ve seen them in action, you’ve helped them earn the chance to open for big names like Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, perform stages such as New Hampshire Hempfest & Freedom Rally, and you’ve seen their posts and pictures documenting their progress, hard work and dedication to carefully crafting their original tunes. The time has come to finally share their music with the world for all to hear!”


Mike Forgette Geasy Pole gloucester copyright Kim SmithMike Forgette Geasy Pole gloucester -1 copyright Kim SmithMike Forgette walking the pole Friday evening

Why is Steven LeBlanc So Happy?

Steven LeBlanc copyright Kim SmithThis is our Gloucester City Councilman Steven LeBlanc merely thinking about Sunday’s Greasy Pole Walk. If you’ve met Steven, you know his enthusiasm is infections, especially for all things Fiesta. Good Luck Steven and all our #greasegang for a super fun (and no-injury walks).