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Sara Favazza, Joe Novello, Al Millefoglie

Thank you to Saint Peter’s Fiesta Committee member Al Millefoglie for sharing the dates of the Saint Peter’s Fiesta 2018!

Sunday Walkers 2017

“Sisters” Giambanco Greasy Pole Rally

Ali D’Angelo Sunday’s Walk

Greasy Pole Sunday Walker Ali D’Angelo touches the flag during Sunday’s courtesy round.

Ali D'Angelo 2016 Sunday Greasy Pole courtesy round -3 St. Peter's Fiesta copyright Kim Smith


Sant Peter’s Fiesta Carnival Photos

st-peter-fiesta-gloucester-city-hall-carnival-copyright-kim-smithPhotos from Thursday evening after the 5k race when the light and clouds were simply exquisite. Anyone else feeling the post-Fiesta blues? 

St Peter Fiesta Gloucester Carnival Patriot Nation copyright Kim SmithPatriot Nation

St Peter Fiesta Gloucester Carnival copyright Kim SmithSt Peter Fiesta Gloucester Carnival -4 copyright Kim SmithSt Peter Fiesta Gloucester Carnival -3 copyright Kim SmithYou’ll-Never-See-Me-On-This-Ride

After filming the 5k and the rides, I walked over to Pavilion Beach and caught a Seine boat practicing by the Greasy Pole in the very Fitz Henry Lane-like luminous atmosphere. It’s all captured on film and am fortunate that the one evening that I could film at the carnival, the twilight could not have been prettier. Viva!

St Peter Fiesta Gloucester sunset twilight Pavillion Beach copyright Kim Smith

Waiting to Walk

If you were wondering why there were Greasy Pole Walkers seemingly everywhere Sunday afternoon, it’s because the boat to take them to the pole was a no show. The Walkers waited out the delay at Saint Peter’s Club before heading through the fair grounds to the beach. Next stop was the Greasy Pole Walker’s shrine, then to the dock. Back at the beach some Walkers decided to swim to the pole, when at long last a kindly yachtsman picked up the Walkers and gave them a lift to the pole.Sunday Greasy Pole Walkers -5 copyright Kim Smith

Sunday Greasy Pole Walkers -11 copyright Kim SmithKyle Barry Steve LeBlanc Sunday Greasy Pole Walkers copyright Kim Smith


Anthony Giambanco Six Time Greasy Pole Champion Celebrating 40th Year Walking

Anthony Giambanco Sunday Greasy Pole Walkers copyright Kim SmithAnthony has been walking since 1975. He has missed one year in 41 years because of a shoulder injury. His number one advice to the new walkers coming up is don’t drink.

Anthony Giambanco Joe DaSilva Sunday Greasy Pole Walkers copyright Kim Smith Anthony Gimabanco Sunday Greasy Pole Walkers copyright Kim Smith

Salvi Benson St. Peter and Greasy Pole Tatoo

Salvo Benson was at Saint Peter’s Club cheering on the Sunday Walkers. Salvi Benson is the All Time Greasy Pole Champion, with 4 Saturday wins and 6 Sunday wins.Steve LeBlanc Salvi Benson Joe Staline Dave Foote copyright Kim SmithSalvi Benson, Steve LeBlanc, Joe Staline, and Dave Foote

Salvi Benson Greasy Pole tatoo copyright Kim Smithsalvi-benson-all-time-greasy-pole-champion-gloucester-ma-c2a9kim-smith-2014-2 Salvi Benson from his 2014 walk